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Increase the effect of your work

Let us help you turbo-charge your business by creating actionable strategies, building powerful processes or maybe by making communication a bit easier.

Software & integrations

Methods & Frameworks

Better Collaboration

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What We Offer

Our comprehensive consultancy services are designed to enhance organizational performance by making business operations more efficient and cost-effective. Whether you need help with your strategy process or with a workflow analysis, we are here to help.

Whyser Strategy Consultant

Workflows That Work

We help you identify what and how you can make your business successful by applying our knowledge about digitalization to help our clients optimize their processes, strategies and workflows. 

Whyser Strategy Consultant

All-In-One Solution

Let us assist you in finding the right software that will take your business to new heights. Whether you need help with selection or implementation we'll support you every step of the way.

Whyser Strategy Consultant

Your Partner in Transformation

We understand the challenges that come with operating in an increasingly complex landscape, which is why we assist you in keeping focus and stay ahead and make sure  businesses achieve their goals.

Whyser Strategy Consultant

Smart Automation Tools

Our team ensures that your business is using the best technology available for optimal efficiency, which is why we only seek out systems that allow for easy integration.

Systems we work with

We deliver in-depth knowledge of a range of systems and platforms. Check out our list of supported systems to see if we can help you out. Don't see the one you need? No worries, we have a vast network of freelancers with expertise in various systems and can always connect you with the right person.

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microsoft sharepoint
Microsoft Teams
Asana Goals

Empowering Business through Technology

Whyser initially started out as a Strategy Management platform but has since evolved into a consultancy providing the best strategy & business software in the market.


Our mission remains to seamlessly bridge the gap between a leadership team's visionary goals and the entire organization, ensuring a focused approach to the critical elements that drive success and impact.

With the Right Approach, Great Things Will Happen

With our extensive experience and cutting-edge technology, we can help you achieve your goals by providing personalized services that fit your needs. Our approach is customer-focused and collaborative, which means that we work closely with you to help you reach your full potential.

Need help Bridging the Gap between Technology and Business?

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