How to succeed with your innovation strategy? Here are 7 simple steps

Innovation in a workplace is one of the driving factors for a business's success. That’s why encouragement of innovation in a workplace can bring rewards in countless ways such as helping you

to stay ahead of your competitors and be ahead in the game.

However, it may be still difficult to achieve in a workplace to foster a culture of innovation. That’s why this article comes into play so we can give you the right innovation strategy that you can apply in your workplace.

Benefits of having an innovation strategy

There are several reasons why it is beneficial to implement innovation in your workplace. One of the biggest advantages of encouraging innovation in your workplace is to achieve the improvement of the work environment. This can project itself in the increased motivation of employees and later on, it can lead to an increase in their productivity and the overall satisfaction with their work.

Another reason to consider implementing innovation in your company is to be the leader in the market. When you're open to new ideas and aren’t afraid of change and confrontation, you’ll get further ahead of your competitors. This also goes for having an open mindset and accepting and trying different things. Sometimes even the unconventional ones.

When you start implementing innovation, soon you’ll see that the collaboration among your staff has improved. This will have a positive impact on the company’s internal operation and once again it will bring you a better retention rate.

With an increased motivation and drive to perform better, not only your employees will be more satisfied but also your customers will feel this effect as well. Then the satisfied customers can attract more customers.

And the same goes for employees. When you have satisfied employees who perform well and bring good results, then you will have more place for growth. Besides, your good name will attract a new motivated workforce that’ll be passionate about contributing to the success of your company.

Innovation strategy 101 - How to implement it successfully

Now that you know why it is good to have an innovation strategy and what are the benefits of having one, let’s get to the most important part and talk about how to implement it in your workplace.

Step 1: Status check

The first thing you want to do is to check what state of your workplace at this moment. What can be improved? What is already working well? Where would you like to be in the future? Let’s start with the most trivial questions first, so you can get a general overview of where you are and where you’d like to be. After you get a general overview, then start prioritizing the focus areas you want to tackle first.

Step 2: Make it a priority

Make innovation and transparency your main values. This way, everyone can see you’re serious about what you’re doing and that you really stand behind your words. Make this whole process transparent so you build trust among your team and also value employee engagement. Many ideas come to light better when more heads are put together, so collaboration with others is highly encouraged.

Step 3: Focus on the work environment

One of the ways how to make your innovation strategy an easier process is to encourage collaboration and participation of your employees. This way, everyone can feel more involved and that they’re being taken seriously. Encourage free discussions and ask questions no matter what. The more input the better. This goes both ways, when there’s an initiative from one side, it is equally important to be a good recipient. It’s vital for you to be open to different ideas and to be non-judgemental.

Step 4: Allocate the time and space

Having the time and space for innovation is very important in the creation of your innovation strategy. It may be a good idea to create a space in your workplace for brainstorming or a collaboration area where the employees can come and discuss groups various matters. This does not only encourage the interactions with each other, but they also become more used to working in a team. This way, the more they work together, the higher chance of reaching a common goal.

Step 5: Importance of feedback

Once you have a flow of ideas running, it is important to know how to distinguish between them and choose the best fitting ones. That’s why a constant wave of constructive feedback is important. It helps to maintain the flow of brainstorming sessions and also improves the process of selecting better ideas in the long run.

Step 6: Keep up with the trends

Innovation strategy should not only involve looking at your internal structure of the company but also being aware of what’s happening outside. What are the newest trends in your industry? Try to look at what your competitors are doing, what are their customer's needs and demands as well as your customers. Besides, look at the overall trend in the recent weeks and months and try predicting where it’s heading next. These insights will definitely help you with shaping your innovation strategy and bringing you ahead of your competition.

Step 7: Reward system

A good action should be rewarded. Try helping your employees with motivation by rewarding them for their great performance and this helps build a better relationship between you two. What else can help is to be interested in their personal growth and help them reach their goals. That’s where one-on-one sessions come into place. This way, you can have a better understanding of your employees as well as their goals. This way, you’ll be able to help them reach them.


Innovation is the key component for the growth of your business. Thanks to the advice you just read, you can shape the proposed suggestions to your needs and start building your own innovation strategy in your workplace.

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