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You might think your company has a digitized strategy? Why PowerPoint doesn’t count.

Are you still developing your strategy with PowerPoint? Don’t you think you need something that saves more time and that you can share more effectively with the whole organization? You need to make your strategy more digitized!

Many leaders are still using PowerPoint as their tool for presenting a strategy. You might even be one of them. But let’s be honest. You know it takes way too much time in comparison to the outcome you have: you present it shortly in a company meeting and then never look at it again.

What many companies are struggling with is that they never look at their strategy again to evaluate their progress and if they are still on track. Most executives nowadays say that their organization is behind the curve when it comes to digitizing the strategy and the company.

55% of leaders even estimate that they have only one year or less to make the change to digital before the organization will suffer financially and competitively.

Therefore, you need tools that can help you provide a strategy in a cloud base form to be able to communicate the strategy effectively, involve employees, and evaluate the process. No longer PowerPoint. You need a digitized strategy.

What is a digitized strategy?

A digitized strategy is a form of strategic management and, as the name implies, a digital version of your strategy. It is the business answer to digital change in the business world and is characterized by the application of technologies to existing business activity.

What you have to be aware of is

  • Accessibility A digitized strategy should be easy to share and easy to access. This way you can involve your employees in the best way.

  • Time It has to be shorter, to be able to easier adapt to changes. Normal strategies are around 3 to 5 years, however, this is too long for digital since the business world changes too quickly.

  • Connectivity To make your strategy digitized, it should be easy to connect it to other programs or software you are using in your company. If you can connect it to project management tools, it enhances the accessibility, while making it easier to receive all the necessary data and evaluate it afterwards.

We are all surrounded by technology and digital processes to simplify our lives. So why not also simplify the way we develop strategies. It is now time that we start using the right tools to create a strategy that is actually digitized and that boosts your company’s productivity.

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