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We help you close the gap between vision and execution.

The strategy implementation process is a moving target, it is vibrant and ever-changing.
Whyser is built to make the life of leaders less complicated by giving them and their teams a tool to work with strategy from different perspectives and to achieve their goals.

How Whyser benefits your organization

Human beings are happier and more productive when they feel aligned with the overarching purpose of their work. Whyser helps you build, adjust and collaborate around your future business goals - so you can focus on leading your teams.

Whyser simplifies and creates a structure for complex processes. With built-in tools you would otherwise have in various platforms - Whyser collects your team and information in one platform.

Engaging by involving

Define and build your strategy, we'll help you explain why and how your company’s vision will become reality.

The platform guides you in building and structuring a flexible game plan that allows transparency and will engage your team in the plans.

Build a strategy

Invite your team

Strategy templates (more to come)

Focus on the right things first

Prioritize your focus areas. The timeline gives you the ability to see what is going on and when. With the kanban boards, you and your team get an agile strategy, making it easy to focus on the most important parts.

Kanban boards


Drag and drop

Clearity creates understanding

Conversation is a way to create understanding and better initiatives. Share and submit input in one place. With Present, you will be able to show your updated plans at all times without having to create a ton of slides first.

Comments and feedback

Overview by multiple perpectives

Employee Engagement
Priority oversight

Ownership drives change

Allow everyone to see who is responsible for what and track the progress in real-time, all in the name of transparency and empowerment.

Set targets

Delegate and assign

Track and experiment


Feature list

Build your strategy

Templates for developing and describing your ‘new’ strategy


For getting that helicopter view of your goals and initiatives


Gain a tool from where you can communicate the plans and save time.


Understand when the plans are to happen, and how they are connected


Predict into the future by looking at the trends in your progress.

Action list

Keep track and follow-up on your tasks.


Create context for your teams. Save time and keep your people updated.

Just released

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Access levels

Be a creator or be a collaborator. You decide your companies needs

Just released


Want to learn what we can do for you? 

Schedule a free demo.

With a live demo you get

1:1 product walkthrough.

A review on how to incorporate Whyser into your system portfolio.

Feedback on your strategy process and recommendations for next step.


Not ready to digitalize your strategy just yet?

Let us help you get there and make your strategy actionable and engaging.

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