We want to encourage everyone to ask, consider and share why.

The story of Whyser

"Over the years, we have listened to many frustrated voices expressing that there is often a lack of consistency between the presented vision and the actual outcome of a strategy.

Taking this to heart, we have set out to build a platform, that helps clarify the strategy and allows all employees, from top to bottom and bottom to top, to collaborate and contribute.

Today, most business areas use online tools and systems, but when it comes to strategy work we see many companies still using only Powerpoint and Excel. It is time to change that. By creating a smooth and transparent process for an otherwise often repetitive, manual tasks and hidden process, we boost efficiency and help leaders free more time to lead."


Meet the team

Is our Danish business optimization expert with a love for everything digital.


When not at the office she is contemplating to start a chilli sauce business.

Co-Founder & CEO

Kristina Landsperg

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Besides leading the product team this Swedish/Italian engineer once won a pumpkin growing contest.


For the ugliest pumpkin, but we think it still counts

Co-Founder & COO

Astrid Sjögren

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Keeping track of all things technical, and making us all crack up with jokes all the way from India.


Best friend of online calls forever <3

Technical Lead

Sunita Sahu

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Reaz covers all our bases, especially the databases.


He will always lend a helping hand.

Backend Developer

Reaz Mahmood

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This unique Ukrainian does not only do everything frontend.

She also gives the Danish bikers a challenge when hitting the road on the weekends.

Frontend Developer

Olha Afanasieva

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We like transparency and flexibility.

We want to cultivate a company culture where everyone feels welcome to bring their whole self to work, and we do our best to make sure that everyone is learning and developing in the desired direction. Let’s do great things together! Feel free to contact us.

We truly believe that strategy should be everybody’s business