We believe that people should spend most of their waking hours doing something fulfilling.


Having a clear purpose and being able to contribute to a better future are some of the main drivers of motivation.

We want to encourage everyone to ask, consider and share why.

Human beings are happier and more productive when they feel aligned with the overarching purpose of their work. Over the years, we have listened to many frustrated voices expressing that there is often a lack of consistency between the presented vision and the actual outcome of an initiative.


Taking this to heart, we built a system that helps clarify the strategy and allow all employees, from top to bottom and bottom to top,  to collaborate and contribute. 

Meet the team

Swapna Sahu

Frontend Developer

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Olha Afanasieva

Frontend Developer

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Rosanna Ljungren

UX Researcher & Behavioral Designer

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Gizem Candemir

UX/UI Designer & Frontend Developer

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Lukas Kalkhoran

Backend Developer

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